Multimedical Alarm Module

A single switch module with two buttons and four medical alarm inputs for the distribution of alarms from four third party medical devices as infusion pumps, ventilators or other life supporting systems.

Ascom Elise3

The Ascom Elise3 hardware is based on an embedded Linux Server. This device is specifically designed to host the different Ascom applications and communicate with the rest of your system using different protocols.

Unite CM

The Ascom Unite CM delivers critical alert notifications, messaging and data to mobile staff members, regardless of their device type, enabling quicker response to information.

Suite Ofélia

Objectives: centralize and supervise all alarm flows on a single platform, and enable the teams to be mobilized on all critical events.

Ascom p71 pager

A ruggedized easy-to-use two-way messaging pager that supports message auto acknowledgement, personal alarm, plus IR and LF…

Ascom 914D

Ascom 914D, hands-free, wearable, and intuitive. A very effective one-way pager with message priority indication.

Ascom 914T

A robust one-pager designed for heavy usage in demanding environments. Also available in “intrinsically safe” models.

Ascom a51 pager

An easy-to-use one-way messaging pager, ruggedized, and equipped with a smart personal alarm capabilities.

Accesories Paging

Carrying alternatives Carrying the Ascom paging and telePROTECT handsets is easily done with the standard hinge-type clip or the convenient swivel-type clip mounted on your belt. You can also order a customized leather case with the swivel clip. Even though the Ascom handsets are robust the case will protect your device from dust and rough … Leer más