Suite Mercury

Suite Mercury

Ascom Mercury Suite

Mercury offers complete manufacturer-certified solutions to meet business needs such as, for example, the management of personal and technical alarms, mission management, availability, nurse call management and patient transport, advanced messaging and other applications. trades.


Mercury DATI and Technical Alarm Management

The Mercury Alarm software allows: Management and processing of DATI Ascom / SmartConnect and technical alarms, visualization of alarms on a map, management of call and escalation scenarios, management of the availability of Ascom mobiles, traceability alarm events as well as the historical report notification.

Mercury Route management

Mercury Rondier Software allows: Management and processing of free & imposed rounds. The visualization of the rounds and the follow-up on plan. The management of call scenarios and escalations The traceability of round events. The history report notification.

Mercury Call Nurses

Mercury Nursing Call Software enables real-time viewing and tracking of resident requests and ensures information handling and processing through an advanced level of escalation. Thus, all of the establishment’s critical information and events are managed and distributed to teams with the guarantee of full traceability.

Mercury Stretcher Management

The Mercury Stretcher Software allows: The management and processing of stretcher mission requests in manual and automatic mode. Viewing and monitoring requests. Assignment of personnel in manual or automatic mode Management of call and escalation scenarios. Availability management of Ascom mobiles. The traceability of events. The history report notification.


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