From minimart to hypermart


Communication for everyone

Flexible and highly scalable

Ascom Wireless offers true mobility that can be relied upon.  It offers secure wireless transmissions over dedicated frequency bands, making it less prone to interference.  Simplicity in its system architecture maximizes flexibility and scalability to fit all customer requirements.

An Ascom IP-DECT solution is easily scale from a 1 to 10,000 base stations and growing to support up to 100,000 users.

Ascom VoWiFi handsets use Wi-Fi technology and your existing Wi-Fi network to provide enterprise-grade wireless telephony, messaging and personal alarm capabilities. Using a single reliable network for telephony and other enterprise applications translates into obvious cost and maintenance benefits.

Technical alarm solutions for supermarkets

Warehouses not responding to delivery notifications… deliveries not synced with customer demand… excessive energy consumption… a malfunctioning freezer going unnoticed. An integrated Ascom communications solution can overcome all these challenges—directing and escalating alerts to and between staff, buildings and equipment.

Personnel alarm solutions for supermarkets

Satisfying today’s supermarket customer requires highly mobile personnel; staff who quickly attend to customers and events throughout a store. But mobility can leave staff vulnerable, especially when working alone. Which is why so supermarkets worldwide turn to Ascom to for their personal safety and alarm solutions.

Product Withdrawal Request solutions for supermarkets

Product recalls are a fact of supermarket life. But it is possible to minimize their impact—while still maximizing customer and staff safety. The key lies in getting the right information to the right people at the right time. Which is why we developed Ascom NetPage. It’s a function within Ascom Unite software that lets one person at one web browser send text messages to any defined wireless device in the Unite system.

Click-and-collect solutions for supermarkets

How can supermarkets deliver in-store experiences that match online expectations? One way is to mobilize staff and information. An Ascom supermarket solution, for example, helps ensure voice and text messages get through to staff wherever they are. This helps control overheads, while helping to deliver fast turnarounds and smoother shopping experiences.