Solution Wireless Communications

Solution Wireless Communications

Just freedom, availability, security and scalability


It does not matter what type of PABX (local or cloud) or with which operator you have contracted your communications services. Our product are connected and certified by almost all PABX manufacturer on DECT & WIFI


Your wireless system and your Ascom communications will continue to work even if your PABX or operator fails.

Secure IP telephony & personal alarms

  • Provides data security over IP network
  • All information exchange is encripted
  • Provides information security over the DECT radio channel.
  • Personal alarms like, push-button, man-down, no movement & pull-cord are available in our terminals DECT, WIFI & GSM


A simple installation could consist of a single base station with some handsets. This can be grown in two ways:

  • User capacity – add more base stations (and handsets) to increase capacity for simultaneous calls.*
  • Geographically – add more base stations to increase coverage area.


IP-DECT access point
IP-DECT access point
Ascom IP-DECT access point has compact design, an integrated antenna, connects to IP-PBX via LAN and supports Power over...
Ascom d81
Ascom d81
Ascom d81 is a durable and ruggedized DECT handset intended for professional users in demanding environments...
Ascom d43
Ascom d43
Ascom d43 is a durable DECT handset that facilitates efficient and dependable wireless telephony. It features enterprise-grade...
Ascom i63
Ascom i63
New enterprise-grade Ascom i63 VoWiFi handset for personal safety, efficient workflows and reliable VoWiFi performance and seamless...
Ascom d63
Ascom d63
The Ascom d63 features enterprise-grade telephony with wideband audio, professional messaging, Bluetooth, on-site positioning and...
Ascom Myco 3 smartphone
Ascom Myco 3 smartphone
A professional-grade Android™ mobile device, the Ascom Myco 3 smartphone works with supported apps to make it easier to...


We do not manufacture PABX, for this reason our DECT & WIFI products have been developed to connect to any manufacturer and / or operator.

To verify, validate and certify true interoperability between Ascom products and products from other vendors.  Ascom Certified Interoperability guarantees peace of mind; it ensures trouble-free deployment and use of Ascom products in combination with certified products from other vendors. Ascom works continuously in close collaboration with technology partners to maintain interoperability of co-certified products.

System redundancy and backup.

All system components support “fail-over” i.e., backup devices can be configured to takeover if the primary fails. Even if your PABX or operator or Internet conection, go down, our system still working giving full internal comunication.

Also for an environment from 5 users to 100,000, in a single location or multiple locations.

If you have an office with 5 employees, or one with 300, or a company with 30 offices with 5 employees, Ascom is your solution.

  • The entire system supports enterprise grade telephony and interactive messaging, and can be managed centrally via Ascom Device Manager.
  • Multi-sites can be spread with support for multiple PBX vendors with different connectivity requirements.
Centralized Device Management
  • Maintain specific profiles, templates and software standards on all devices at a customer site.
  • Reduces the cost of maintenance, administration and support
  • New and/or a replacement handset will always get the defined software version, parameters, templates, service settings and user information that is defined in the system.


Ascom i63 sales presentation
Ascom IP-DECT sales presentation