Ascom a51 pager

Ascom a51 pager

Ascom a51 pager

A smart, pocket-sized, and rugged alarm transmitter designed with advanced personal safety in mind. The Ascom a51 has two programmable alarm buttons, each can be configured for a variety of responses. For extra safety, it also has a pull-cord that triggers an alarm if the handset if forcibly taken.

The Ascom a51 is also available in an “Advanced” version that adds support for “man-down” or “no-movement” detection for automated alarms location capability via infrared (IR) and low-frequency (LF) sensors. The Ascom a51 (Advanced) sends locator codes and other vital information with each triggered alarm that make it easier to determine the location of the person carrying the transmitter.


Ascom a51 pager technical specification

Standard Features
  • Robust and shock resistant
  • Personal alarm
  • 2 push-buttons for configurable alarms
  • Safety Pull-cord alarm
  • Man-down and No-movement alarm (option)
  • 2-tone Acoustic location signal (ALS)
  • SIM card for identity and personal settings
  • Location function (IR and LF) (option)
  • Battery check function
  • Internal antenna
  • Vibrator alert


  • Size (h× w × d):   85 × 57 × 33 mm incl. clip
  • Weight:   93 g incl. battery
  • Colors:  Steel Grey / Ice blue
  • Display:   LCD Dot matrix
  • Clip:   Hinge-type (standard) or swivel-type

  • Operating temperature:   -10°C to +55°C
  • Storage temperature:   -20°C to +70°C
  • Enclosure protection:  IP40, EN60529
  • Free fall test:     IEC 60068-2-32, procedure 1,  Dropped 12 times from 1.5 meter


Ascom Paging and teleProtect accessories sheet
Ascom a51 product sheet