Ascom Elise3

Ascom Elise3

Ascom Elise3 – Embedded Linux Server

The Ascom Elise3 hardware is based on an embedded Linux Server. This device is specifically designed to host the different Ascom applications and communicate with the rest of your system using different protocols.


  • Embedded solid state server for Linux based applications
  • Management via the LAN or via the mini-USB device port
  • Designed to be mounted on a wall (horizontally or vertically) and to fit in 19” rack
  • Tri-colour LEDs for status and power indications
  • Buttons for switching the operation mode and for controlled restart of the module
  • Compatibility with most used communication protocols
  • Three types of Elise3 hardware (Lite, Standard, LON) to use depending on your needs



The Elise3 is intended for the installation of different Ascom software depending on the intended use:

Elise3 based-on Ascom Applications

  • Ascom Unite Connectivity Manager (Unite CM) – Two-Way communication Messagging (DECT, WiFi, GSM, Pagging…), Alarm Managment and distribution tools, Device Managment for Ascom devices, Activity logging…
  • TeleCARE IP System Manager (NISM2) – Management tool to centrally setup and manage the teleCARE IP system.
  • TeleCARE M Nurse Station Server 3 (NSS3) – Retrieves call information logged by the ISC and publishes this information on the internal NSS3 website.
  • TeleCARE M Internetworking System Controller 3 (ISC3) – Call handling which enables calls from the teleCARE M system to be transferred to pagers and/or the Ascom DECT telephones.


Elise3 - Data Sheet
Unite CM Product Sheet
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