Unite CM

Unite CM

Unite Connectivity Manager

Reliable and secure platform for alert
notifications, messaging and administration

Advanced device management supporting
multiple Ascom device types

Modular and scalable design – cost effective
for any size operation

 Bringing together mission-critical communications
and mobility

Streamline your operational processes by transforming your information systems into a powerful mobile messaging platform, enabling communication and efficiency improvements.


Unite Connectivity Manager (Unite CM) overview

The Ascom Unite CM delivers critical alert notifications, messaging and data to mobile staff members, regardless of their device type, enabling quicker response to information.
Receiving mission-critical information directly at the point of need significantly reduces wait times and costs resulting in improved workflow, streamlined communication and a safer work environment.

Collaborate, communicate and prioritize activities

Managing information from various system resources is extremely challenging given the time-sensitive nature of delivering the right information to the right person. The Ascom Unite CM can communicate assignments and relay timesensitive information instantly to your mobile staff or prioritize work activities of limited resources to improve efficiency and utilization. Use the Unite CM and interactive messages to create advanced two-way solutions where sensitive alarms or messages can be prioritized visually by color-coding and easily recognized audibly by distinctive message tones. Twoway messaging provides valuable feedback on acceptance of staff assignments. It assures timely task execution by acknowledging when a task is complete or initiating an automatic escalation based on pre-defined rules.

Two-way interactive messaging

The Unite CM supports two-way interactive messaging as well as secure text messaging and advanced group messaging via a browser interface. Configure work teams to enable group notification and make certain users receive only messages and alerts relevant to their role or department. Predefined
messages can easily be created and customized for specific alert and message content. The ability to reach mobile staff
members within seconds and require message receipt acknowledgement creates a powerful tool to improve team collaboration and response time.


Unite CM Product Sheet