Ascom Unite AlertTrac

Ascom Unite AlertTrac

Ascom Unite AlertTrac

Enhance care team communication by sending individual, group or broadcast text messages

AlertTrac provides a web-based messaging application designed to send text messages with acknowledgement to individuals or entire work teams. AlertTrac provides a simple and easy-to-use interface with customization options to create predefined messages, unique user groups and improve communication with your staff.

AlertTrac supports predefined messages to easily send a repeatable message, predefined message groups for work teams, and multiple audible beep codes to indicate higher and lower message priority. It supports message receipt confirmation and acknowledgement – advising the sender that a message has been received and acknowledged by the recipient. AlertTrac helps bridge the communication gap with individual or broadcast messaging.


Improve communication and coordination with staff messaging application

AlertTrac provides users the ability to send text messages from a web browser to any wireless device defined in the Unite system. AlertTrac allows access to colleagues at all times and lets you request confirmation and follow the status of any message sent

Fast facts
  • Web-based messaging application for quick and easy communication
  • Message confirmation to ensure messages are received and acted upon
  • Staff directory to easily select individuals or teams for communication
  • Predefined messages to accommodate common, repeatable communications
  • All alert message and response activity is logged to assure traceability
  • Improves team communication and task handling
  • Helps teams stay better connected and coordinated
  • Streamlines communication from a central administrative point
  • Helps provide operational effectiveness and consistent response


Ascom Unite AlertTrac