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About us

Voicelan Telecom SL is a company dedicated to manage Ascom products and solutions in Spain


Give support to our partner and perform the work as an interface between the manufacturer and our customers. Meet the needs of the market, find the best solution in our portfolio and adapt it, so that it can be used to complete customer satisfaction.


Customer trust and make things happen.


Our proposals are based on knowledge, accuracy, transparency, communication, courage, innovation and order of the materials used and, in the solution delivered to the customer.


Engineering, distribution, sales, maintenance and support of the new and old equipment and solution from Ascom.

About our partner

Ascom Wireless Solutions is a company specialized in mobility.

“Our strength and focus is wireless communication, based on four main applications: voice, messaging, alarms and positioning. We focus on commercial market segments in which communication is “critical mission“, specially in Hospitals, Elderly Care, Industry, Retail and Hotels. We difference ourselves in the market by offering integration with all customers’ existing systems as well as the quality of our specially designed phones. We are driven by the needs of our customers and not by technology. To meet and satisfy the needs of our customers, we always apply the ” best fit” technology. We have gained experience in doing so in the past 50 years, in providing integrated communications solutions worldwide.”

Latest news

New! Ascom d83 DECT handset

The Ascom d83 DECT handset is a unique combination of reliability, robustness and professionality. Purpose-built to withstand tough environment, excellent voice quality and outstanding operational safety make it the natural choice for workers and staff


Ascom d81 Phase Out

The industrial DECT handset d81 will be phased out and will be replaced with the new d83. Last order date for non-EX versions is 31 December 2021 and for EX versions 31 March 2022. For


Ascom Disinfection User Guide

How to clean and disinfect Ascom mobile devices Unlike consumer-grade mobile handsets, Ascom mobile devices are purpose-built for healthcare, manufacturing, enterprise, retail and other high-performance work environments. Our handsets are tested with different cleaning and


Customer reference stories

Thousands of organisations across the world are improving staff safety, efficiency, effectiveness and communications using our solutions. Whether you work in healthcare, retail, industry, hospitality or secure establishments, find out more about those in your


Voicelan on COVID-19

Personal health and safety of our employees and business partners is our highest priority and lies in our responsibility. We offer all appropriate options to our employees and business partners in order to maintain the