Voicelan on COVID-19

Personal health and safety of our employees and business partners is our highest priority and lies in our responsibility. We offer all appropriate options to our employees and business partners in order to maintain the highest possible level of safety for all.

We have instructed all Voicelan employees to reduce all non-business-critical travel and face-to-face meetings until further notice. In addition, we try to convert all physical meetings into conference calls. Working from home and social distancing has been encouraged. Its implementation lies within the responsibility of Ascom’s regions/offices, which have to adhere to the guidance of local health authorities in regards to social distancing/working from home.

We are committed to support our customers, suppliers, partners and employees in this challenging situation, and have a business plan for both its global and regional objectives. This plan includes for business continuity, supported by clear accountabilities, methodology, escalation and communication chains for crisis management. In addition, Ascom is strictly following all local regulations communicated by the health authorities of each country.

Customer visits

  • Voicelan is not stopping any customer visits, unless advised by the customer or local authorities to do so.
  • If customers or other business counterparts have implemented guidance or processes to avoid the spreading of COVID-19, we follow these rules.
  • We further monitor and follow local authorities’ regulations as these evolve during the crisis and shall follow this guidance per region as issued.
  • We advised our employees to stop handshakes, and to keep a distance of minimum 2 meters to other persons.

Customer care

  • The impact for customer care is limited as long as remote access to installations is guaranteed. We are set up for remote access to our VPN for all relevant staff, and have capabilities for remotely troubleshooting customer installations, should this be required.
  • Support for hardware is ensured. In the highly unlikely scenario of having all technicians in quarantine, Ascom could ship the hardware to customer and guide them on replacement remotely.
  • Voicelan has sufficient levels of spares. We monitor our supply situation on a daily basis and adapt if necessary.