Wireless coverage study

Wireless coverage study

The coverage in a DECT installation is essential.

And it is very important that it be defined correctly to avoid that, once our integrators-installers leave their office facilities, areas of low coverage or noise appear in communication.

This would increase costs and you as a customer would be dissatisfied.

From Voicelan we carry out a free coverage study of your facilities, based on your plans, committing ourselves to the given budget, if more equipment were necessary, we would deliver them to you at no cost.

Very simple, if the coverage study carried out by Voicelan we budget for 5 IPDECT bases and then 7 IPDECT bases are necessary, these 2 extra units are free.


How do we do it.

You send us the plans of your facilities (Autocad preferable), our technicians review them and contact you to clarify any doubts and see which are the key points (areas with more personnel flow, security areas, facilities areas critical, current cabling installations, etc.) in your facilities. With this information we send you a map with the location of our IPDECT bases and the committed budget.

From this moment, our budget is for the coverage of your facilities, if more IPDECT bases are necessary, they are at zero cost for you.