Remote monitoring and remote access

Remote monitoring and remote access

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Our professional services teams provide engineering, configuration, coverage study, maintenance, support, consultation and advisory services to improve your actual or new Ascom installed base.

Its objective: to offer our clients the best solutions. Our experts respond to your concerns of all kinds, from integration with existing infrastructures and systems to emergency assistance and on-site support. Whatever challenge you face, Voicelan offers a comprehensive service portfolio that covers all your needs, from on-site auditing to training and customized maintenance contracts. If you have opted for an Ascom solution, you can always count on us to help you.

Voicelan Services: the easiest way to get the most out of your Ascom solution.


Remote access
With our remote access service, our support team can securely access your system off-site to diagnose and address issues without visiting your organisation.

Remote monitoring
Our proactive monitoring service continually tracks your Ascom system and alerts our technicians to any issues before they develop into serious problems.


Ascom Remote Access
Ascom Remote Monitoring