Each hotel is a world unto its own: with complex round-the-clock interactions between guests, staff, suppliers, and physical infrastructures. This complexity places huge demands on communication systems. The good news is that Ascom is a specialist at mastering complexity; at integrating communications into one smooth solution. The result? A safer and more efficient hotel. And … Leer más


Help ensure better equipment uptime. Enhance personnel safety. Improve logistics and environmental protection. Re-use as much existing infrastructure as possible. Ascom solutions for industry: turning communications systems into powerful business tools.


Competition in the supermarket sector is tough at the best of times. But one way to trim costs, remove bottlenecks and maximize shopper satisfaction is with a customized wireless communication solution from Ascom. Such a solution can include everything from basic cashier assistance requests to truly advanced systems integrating fire alarms, theft alerts, recycling machines, … Leer más

Banks & Insurances

Economic conditions are also affecting the banking sector, and many agencies now have only one employee or employees who are isolated from each other. Communications and security are essential in this environment. We integrate our solutions in your cloud together with your communications manager / operator. Mobility it´s the key factor.

Special Facilities

Mobile communications and personnel alarm solutions are a proven, efficient and practical way to enhance staff safety, while giving personnel the mobility so necessary in mental health care. They also facilitate discreet, unobtrusive tracking and monitoring of at-risk persons and equipment. And as Ascom solutions integrate with virtually all existing platforms and third-party systems, they … Leer más

Elderly care

The Ascom approach to senior care solutions is straightforward: technology should be unobtrusive. It should enhance residents’ dignity and peace of mind. That’s why Ascom senior care solutions focus on communication between residents and mobile caregivers. This reassures residents—and saves time for staff. Caregivers don’t need to repeatedly walk to residents, nurse stations or fixed … Leer más


The figures are staggering: poor communication costs hospitals $12bn a year in the US alone, equal to about 2% of global hospital revenue (1). And merely coordinating and organizing care eats up one-fifth of each nurse’s shift (2). But there is good news. Ascom already offers solutions that can dramatically improve communication and collaboration within … Leer más