Wireless Nurse Call

Wireless Nurse Call


Always Present | Always On | Always Safe

The new Ascom teleCARE IP wireless nurse call with positioning employs the latest wireless technology to enhance safety, comfort and efficiency in care and nursing homes.
The Ascom teleCARE IP allows you to locate residents when they call for assistance. Location accuracy is tailored to your needs and the layout of your facility. All calls are monitored by the system, indicating from which zone the person is calling.

  • Safety: Residents/patients can easily reach the button to call for help
  • Re-assurance: Assistance is a button-push away
  • Efficiency: The system indicates who called and from where

Installing teleCARE IP is both cost and time efficient ideal for small organisations on a tight budget. There is no need for an extensive – and expensive – wired infrastructure. Even though cost-efficiency is a key benefit, the real winners are residents and staff.


Wireless system view

System functionality

  • Integral wireless layer enabling wireless alarms and location
  • Bidirectional wireless devices
  • Mobile transceivers for resident and patients
  • Fixed transceiver for public rooms
  • Staff transmitter for nurses to cancel call with ID
  • Location
  • Battery operated LF beacons
  • Optional:
  • Wi-Fi connection
  • teleCARE IP hardwired functions
  • Speech
  • Acoustic monitoring
  • RFID card reader technology
  • MMA (EU and EFTA only)

Benefits (staff perspective)

  • One system offering. Which is scalable and upgradable
  • A mechanism that makes sure the calls are transferred
  • Resident mobility.  Support self reliance.
  • Call possibilities for people without a mobile transmitter
  • Knowing which nurse handled the call
  • Knowing were residents are
  • Lowest possible installation cost
  • Support of LAN and Wi-Fi
  • Support for functions that are impossible with wireless
  • Anticipation of call, resulting in less walking
  • Calls triggered by sound, rather then the push of a button
  • Nurse presence with identification
  • Integration of medical alarms