TDM-DECT base station

TDM-DECT base station

TDM-DECT base station

Ascom TDM-DECT base station boasts good radio coverage, has compact design, an integrated antenna, and supports cable lengths of up to 1.5KM.  This also makes it the simplest and cost-effective way to extend coverage to a small remote site.

Features multiple channels with capacity for up to eight simultaneous voice calls, messaging; plus a dedicated channel for alarm notification.  It is easily connected to an IP-PBX via the Ascom IP-DECT gateway.

Ascom TDM-DECT base stations and IP-DECT access points work tandem allowing DECT handsets to roam seamlessly between them.  All wireless transmissions are encrypted and support cipher re-keying during calls to safeguard against radio eavesdropping.  It houses an integrated antenna with exceptional radio coverage.  There is even an optional provision to connect external antennae to improve coverage or extend range.


TDM-DECT Base Station technical specification

  • Compact lightweight design
  • Connects to IP-PBX via IP-DECT Gateway
  • Enhanced DECT Security (ETSI TS 102 841, GAP.N.35)
  • DECT GAP/CAP radio interface
  • Roaming and handover
  • 8 simultaneous voice calls
  • Messaging, Alarm and Interactive Messaging
  • Broadcast and Multicast Messaging
  • Dedicated alarm channel
  • Over the air synchronization
  • Web interface for configuration and software upgrade
  • External LED status indication
  • Up to 1,5KM cable length to telephone system
  • Size (h× w × d):   170 × 170 × 38 mm (incl. mounting bracket)
  • Weight:   Approx. 400 g
  • Colors:  White (NCS S 0502-B)
  • External connectors:   2 × MCX connectors for external antennas

  • Operating temperature:   -10°C to +55°C
  • Storage temperature:   -25°C to +70°C

DECT frequencies
  • 1880-1900 MHz (Europe, Africa, Middle East, Australia, New Zealand and parts of Asia)
  • 1900-1906 MHz (Thailand)
  • 1910-1930 MHz (South America)
  • 1920-1930 MHz (North America)