Staff & Residents Pendants

Staff & Residents Pendants

Staff pendants

Staff pendants are an important piece of the teleCARE IP wireless solution supporting applications such as wander management, fall management and staff duress. The discreet design includes a programmable button that serves to cancel calls from resident transceivers or place an assistance call directly.

The staff pendant, which can also be worn around the wrist, communicates with Ascom's low frequency location beacons to transmit staff location information to the system, helping to improve staff communication.

Resident pendants

Dementia is a growing problem for the elderly. More than one in five over the age of 80 suffers from this condition. The consequences are distressing – for the resident, their families and those entrusted with their care. There is a solution…

The wireless resident pendant is proof that professional alarm products can be beautiful, ergonomic and highly functional at the same time. Users can express their own identity with a combination of stylish, color-coded elements in the form of rings and buttons.

Staff on the other hand can rely on the system that makes sure that no calls are lost. The two way radio channel acknowledges every action taken and all pendants are constantly monitored to see if they are still functional.


Wireless solutions to support staff mobility, safety and efficiency

Fast facts

  • Wireless transceiver that can be worn as a wristband or pendant
  • IP67 rated for protection against dust and temporary submersion in water
  • Large customizable call button and call reassurance LED
  • Interchangeable buttons, rings and loops in various colors
  • Recurring heartbeat message to identify failure or out of range detection
  • Long battery life.


  • Each mobile transceiver has a unique ID to identify individual staff members
  • Large button sends signal to other caregivers with location information to reduce response time.
  • Allows staff to initiate a call for assistance or duress.
  • Button also serves as a cancelation device for calls initiated from other wireless transceivers, such as residents.
  • Customizable ring and button to quickly identify staff roles or button functions.
  • Configurable call levels to enable customized care and responses to resident needs.


Pendants for Staff & Residents