Peripheral Modules

Peripheral Modules

Peripheral Modules

Ascom Telligence peripheral modules are designed to efficiently connect caregivers and patients to the appropriate assistance, even in out-of-the-way locations.  Modules can vary from pull/push units, pull cords, input devices, and more.

Ascom Telligence offers unmatched flexibility and configurability, enabling differing care areas to be configured as needed, both now and in the future.


Design your system to meet the needs of each ward

Fast facts
  • Support multiple mounting options such as medical rail, flush mount, etc.
  • Pull/push modules alert staff to either cardiac or emergency events
  • Reassurance LED illuminates to provide visual indication a call was placed
  • Pull handle to activate a call, push to reset
  • Unique design simplifies calls for assistance when seconds matter.
  • Reduce false alarms from accidental pushes by patients and staff.
  • Peace of mind for staff that help is on the way with reassurance Indicator.
  • Call must be cleared from the pull/push module directly, meaning no remote cancelation or reset.