Doorside Modules

Doorside Modules

Doorside Modules

Ascom Telligence doorside modules allow hospitals to customize buttons for notifications or workflow tasks for smoother communication of specific needs. Customized text, icons and colors on any label—along with programmable event types, multi-mode actions (short/long press) and matching reassurance lights—let a station signal more event types.

A ward can be designed to match specific patient needs at any time. Staff gain immediate understanding of an event and its priority and can respond appropriately.


Customized workflow at your fingertips

Fast facts

  • Standard RJ-45 connector and category 5/5e/6/7 cabling for easy installation
  • Available with three customizable buttons; use one, two or three buttons
  • Sealed membrane for easy cleaning
  • Customizable button insert kits available
  • Color matching LED reassurance light for each button
  • Hot-swappable stations to reduce care interruptions
  • Permanently backlit buttons to easily locate the module in the dark.


  • Improve patient and staff satisfaction with customized workflow buttons. Each button’s color, text and icon can be changed to suit a wide range of needs.
  • RJ-45 connectors enable the use of pre-terminated cables, reducing the installation time compared to traditional connectors and proprietary cables.
  • Cost efficient. Modular concept lets you combine with bedside modules to customize for each ward and the unique requirements.
  • Button labels can be modified as needs and care models change without changing out the entire station.