Corridor displays

Ascom teleCARE IP Corridor Displays help caregivers respond quickly to the needs of residents in senior-living facilities. With programmable tones to alert staff and color coded messaging that enables them to prioritize response based on call severity, this state-of-the-art technology promotes efficiency, enhances care and helps creates a more pleasant environment.

This IP-based display is suitable for use in many environments and may be wall or ceiling mounted for easy installation. It is available as a single or double sided unit with a 6-character or a 12-character display.


High visibility to help improve response time to patient needs

Fast facts
  • Up to 12 characters visible, plus horizontal scrolling for long messages
  • Multi-color messaging display to distinguish priorities
  • Optional tone annunciation to alert staff
  • LAN connectivity with Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Suitable for wall mounting or ceiling suspension
  • Can display up to 30 separate messages
  • Provides clear visibility to resident calls to help speed response times.
  • Promotes a quieter, more soothing environment over loud tones.
  • Color indications allow staff to quickly distinguish between call priorities.
  • Reduces steps for caregivers by providing information visible throughout the resident community.
  • Prioritizes events to allow caregivers to manage responses.