Ascom Digistat Vitals

Ascom Digistat Vitals

Digistat Vitals – Single-entry vitals registration and scoring at the bedside

The application helps eliminate double documentation of vitals, scoring, and associated errors; supports faster availability of vitals and clinical scores in Electronic Medical Records


Double documentation of vitals can drive error rates to as high as 15%* It’s statistics like this that led us to develop Ascom Digistat Vitals

Vitals registration

Ascom Digistat Vitals is a game-changer. It lets clinicians enter vitals into an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) while still at the patient’s bedside. Vitals are entered into a mobile device (e.g. the Ascom Myco smartphone), then transmitted to the EMR. Such e-documentation has been shown to be faster and less prone to errors than paper-to-EMR transcription.*

Guided automated scoring

Ascom Digistat Vitals is available with pre-loaded templates for the guided calculation of scores such as the Aldrete Score. A clinician enters the necessary values. Ascom Digistat Vitals does the rest: calculating the score, and uploading it to an EMR and/or trend chart. Each template can be customized to match a hospital’s operational needs and objectives.

Quicker access to patient data

Studies identify paper-to-EMR vitals registration as a considerable drain on clinicians’ time, and as having a high risk of errors and omissions. Also, more time elapses between the transcription of vitals and their becoming available in the EMR, as compared to bedside electronic registration.* Ascom Digistat Vitals can help remove these obstacles to more efficient care.

  • Single entry of vitals and scores at the bedside
  • Faster availability of vitals and scoring results in the EMR
  • Pre-loaded customizable templates for guided automated scores calculations
* Fieler, K. Vickie; Jaglowski, Thomas; Richards, Karen (2013) Eliminating Errors in Vital Signs Documentation, CIN: Computers, Informatics, Nursing. Vol. 31, NO. 9, 422-427. Wolters Kluwer Health | Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.  AND Stevenson, Jean E. (2016) ’Documentation of Vital Signs in Electronic Health Records: A Patient Safety Issue’. PhD Thesis, University of Sheffield.
  • Vital signs and scores available faster in EMR than with paper-based documentation
  • Reduced risk of errors and omissions. Single-entry registration eliminates double documentation
  • Faster, more accurate scoring with guided, automated calculations. Ascom Digistat Vitals is available with pre- loaded scoring templates than can be easily customized to a hospital’s specific requirements
  • Export of vitals and scores to EMR via HL7 (optional for import of patient data from EMR)
  • Pre-loaded with customizable templates for vital signs, medical scores, wound management (photos included)
  • Vitals and/or scoring reminder interval. Worklist of patients (‘My patient’ function). Voice recorder for note taking
  • Patient identification by: barcode scanning, Near-field Communication (NFC), identification from list
  • Single sign-on for Ascom Unite, Ascom Digistat and Active Directory users
Technical requirements
  • Ascom Digistat Vitals requires a local Digistat server installation with one or more client workstations for data administration and reporting
  • Ascom Digistat Vitals is compatible with the Ascom Myco smartphone and selected Android** devices
  • A Wi-Fi connection is needed between mobile and server part
  • HL7 integration with local EMR is required to import patient data and export collected data
  • A VPN connection to the server is required for remote support

**Android is a trademark of Google Inc.