Digistat Smart Central Mobile

Digistat Smart Central Mobile

Digistat Smart Central Mobile

Digistat Smart Central Mobile is an optional extension of Digistat Smart Central that allows to take advantage of the same features of the platform, but directly into the hands of the medical and nursing staff.

  • Brings device data and status directly “in the hand“ of nurse staff and clinicians
  • Helps improving the alarm event management and makes it even possible, in some cases, to prevent them, thus reducing the “acoustic stress” for patients and staff
  • Consolidates information from different sources
  • Information are presented visually and additionally acoustically
  • My Patient function: it’s possible to configure each mobile device to display only selected bed patients


Main features

Smart Central Mobile* optimizes its capabilities used in combination with the innovative smartphone Myco (acronym of «My Companion») that:

  • is resistant to falls,
  • is cleanable, resists water and dust,
  • have a dual monitor: the main touch screen and a secondary one on the top, which allows the display of alarm notifications and messages even if placed in the breast pocket of his white coat
  • has light and sound notifications
  • Is also rechargeable through a specific charging cradle
  • ensures the alarm priority than any other feature
  • features for barcode reading and for the recording of camera images
  • has a hotkey for preconfigured reports in an emergency (eg, “man-down”)
  • has wi-fi and can be used as a normal smartphone


Digistat Smart Central and Mobile brochure