Corridor Lights

Corridor Lights

Corridor Lights

Ascom Telligence corridor lights help streamline communication, simplify workflows and enhance patient safety by communicating clear information to caregivers at the point of care.

These flexible devices can contribute to calmer, quieter environments—a key benefit for patients, and caregivers seeking to minimize noise on the ward—by presenting call types, room status, and workflow events that can be easily distinguished from one another.

Equipped with safe mode, each corridor light will indicate events from the room even if communication from the gateway is lost.


For clear, visual communications

Fast facts
  • Rugged, reliable IP architecture. Flexible and IT friendly.
  • Safe operating mode means dome lights will continue to work, even if network communication is lost.
  • Four illuminated sections support nine vivid colors, with virtually infinite configuration possibilities. Change them over time to suit evolving needs.
  • Contemporary design that complements modern architecture while offering several mounting options to meet specific facility needs.
  • Wall or ceiling mounted. Both variants are designed to fit with existing back boxes, to support migration from traditional nurse call systems.
  • Easy to maintain. LEDs use very low power, and have a long working life.
  • RJ-45 connectors make devices easy to install and maintain.
  • Customizable. Ascom Telligence corridor lights are easily configured with nine distinct colors and multiple flash patterns, making it easy to create custom notifications for almost any type of event. The corridor lights are available with up to four sections.
  • Quick, clear understanding. Colors, flash rates and light positions help staff easily determine the nature and status of events.
  •  Contemporary design. Ascom Telligence corridor devices avoid the institutional look of traditional nurse call systems.
  • Safe mode. Ascom Telligence is fully supervised to ensure notifications are displayed on corridor lights, even if network communication is lost.