Corridor lamps

Corridor lamps

Corridor lamps

teleCARE IP corridor lamps provide immediate indication of status and events regarding a specific location in a sleek, unobtrusive footprint. Combined with the intelligent room controller, corridor lamps ensure notification even if network communication is lost.

The corridor lamp isn’t really a new invention, but our solution is a little bit smarter than ordinary lamps. They can display up to five different colors and provide audible tones as well. .


Reliable notifications even without network connectivity

  • Connects to one of the four room buses of the IP Room Controller
  • Three Corridor Lamps can be connected to an IP Room Controller
  • Accommodates up to five LED boards, colors: red, green, yellow, white and blue
  • LED input/output connection for an external corridor lamp input or output
  • Connects to the teleCARE network via shielded network cables.
  • Corridor lamps are cost effective and provide options for 1-4 distinct colors for signlaing multiple events from a single location.
  • Uses LEDs for long life and reliability.
  • Optional integrated tones for acoustic signaling of calls and/or fault alerts.
  • Sleek design fits any building architecture.