Card readers

Card readers

Card readers

RFID card readers enable the logging, storage and retrieval of staff movement into and out of individual locations, such as resident rooms.  Similar to a nurse presence feature, but much better, the card reader identifies individual staff members, which helps to speed communication and improve efficiency.

In addition, the card reader enables a record of individual staff members who have been to a specific location, which can be beneficial for logging activities. Each card has a unique identity which is associated with an indivudial, along with their specific qualifications or certifications. Supervisors can quickly define the most effective response to the various situations that can occur.

In addition to identification benefits, card readers enable access control functionality to support security applications. Access functionality can be programmed by individual to allow access to medication rooms, external doors, or other sensitive locations.  As indicated above, this information is logged and can be retrieved at a later date.


Individually identifiable staff presence to improve resident care

Fast facts
  • RFID device operating at a frequency of 13.56 MHz
  • Used with contactless proximity smartcards
  • Buzzer and LED confirmation of card reader response
  • Relay for access control of doors
  • Input for monitoring door status contacts
  • Tamper alarm switch which detects when the card reader is removed from the backplate
  • Allows staff to activate individual presence in a location for improved communication.
  • Individually identify staff members via unique card ID, with additional qualification and certification details for each.
  • View history of staff in and out of locations for activity tracking.
  • Can be used as an access control device for supporting wander control or security applications.