Bedside modules

Bedside modules

Bedside modules

teleCARE IP bedside modules come in a variety of wired and wireless options with one, two or three programmable function-button combinations.  The function-buttons can be individually programmed to a normal call, assistance call, call cancel or bed-light control. Pull cord options are also available for optimal efficiency and effectiveness.

A safe release socket connects the teleCARE resident handset to the call station. Designed for safety and reliability, when excessive strain is applied, the connection is released, generating an assistance call and preventing damage to the station, thereby reducing repair costs and downtime.

The Safe Release socket connects the teleCARE IP patient handset to the call module. The snap fitting releases the plug if excessive strain is applied, which reduces the number of damaged plugs and broken cables. This significantly saves repair costs and increases system reliability. Up to three switches can be fitted to the same back plate for reduced cost and easy installation.


Unique combination of design and functionality

Fast facts
  • Group up to three stations together to meet your exact needs
  • Integrated pull-cord switches available for bathroom and toilet use.
  • Safe Release socket releases the plug and saves repairs.
  • LED indicated function buttons
  • Can be mounted over various international back boxes.
  • Ergonomic design is easy to clean and maintain
  • Configurable call buttons to meet a mix of community requirements.
  • Safe release socket connection to prevent damage to stations, and signal a call if accidentally disconnected.
  • Wireless options for ultimate flexibility in supporting ever-changing environments.
  • Pull cord options available for use in bath, shower or toilet areas.
  • Reduced light for night location, bright light during day.