Bedside Modules

Bedside Modules

Bedside Modules

With a unique modular design, the Ascom Telligence bedside modules featuring peripheral, speech, pull cord and input/output options can be combined in nearly any configuration to meet the wide ranging needs of most hospital environments.

Bedside modules with user-defined workflow buttons help caregivers spend more time at the bedside. A simple press of a button gives direct connections to colleagues. Requests, updates and alerts go directly from the patient room to labs, pharmacies, administration, transport, security, and so on.

Secure device interfaces are critical for bedside care. Ascom Telligence offers its own SafeConnect™ plug to support data exchange between medical devices and non-medical devices. SafeConnect™ is a breakaway magnetic connector that safely separates from a device if accidentally disconnected.


Modular design concept for ultimate flexibility and scalability

Fast facts
  • Standard RJ-45 connector and category 5/5e/6/7 cabling for easy installation
  • Available with three customizable buttons; use one, two or three buttons
  • Group up to three stations together to meet your exact needs
  • Sealed membrane for easy cleaning
  • Customizable button insert kits available
  • Color matching LED reassurance light for each button
  • Hot-swappable stations to reduce care interruptions
  • Permanently backlit buttons to easily locate the module in the dark.
  • Integrated speech interface included in all bedside modules makes it easy to add voice communication. Simply add a patient handset that supports speech.
  • Improve patient and staff satisfaction with customized bedside modules. Each button’s color, text and icon can be changed to suit a wide range of needs.
  • RJ-45 connectors enable the use of pre-terminated cables, reducing the installation time compared to traditional connectors and proprietary cables.
  • All Ascom Telligence bedside devices now feature Ascom SafeConnect™ magnetic receptacles and plugs, helping to minimize equipment damage should the connector be accidentally disconnected, and sends an alert if there is a problem.
  • Cost efficient. Modular concept lets you build tailor-made systems for specific rooms and requirements. Systems can be modified and expanded as needs and care models change.