Bedside handsets

Bedside handsets

Bedside handsets

Ascom‘s award winning bedside handsets are renowned for their ease of use and robustness. Our product line features four ergonomic handsets that offer patients an extensive range of features and capabilities.

Our handsets are lightweight and compact. The safe release plug, which connects each handset to a bedside module, automatically releases if excessive strain is applied to the handset cable. Their anti-slip edge prevents the device from falling.


Award winning handsets designed for any environment

Fast facts
  • Compatible with all teleCARE IP and teleCARE M bedside modules
  • Large backlit red call button with a reassurance light and 3 raised dots to aid identification for the visually impaired
  • Optional built-in flashlight
  • Cable length 2.5m/98.5 inches or 6m/236.2 inches depending the model
  • IP67 rated and easily cleaned
  • Large, red, backlit call button that is easy to see and use for even unsteady hands
  • Handsets are durable and lightweight to survive drops and agressive use
  • All handsets are waterproof and can be submerged for disinfection purposes.
  • The Safe Release connector automatically releases if excessive strain is applied to the cable, notifying caregivers the device has been disconnected.
  • Bedlight Controls – adjust bedlights to suit resident comfort.