Ascom Unite Connect for Clinical Systems

Ascom Unite Connect for Clinical Systems

Ascom Unite Connect for Clinical Systems

Advanced alert management helps deliver consistent and dependable patient care

Unite Connect for Cliical Systems integrates with leading patient monitors, infusion pumps and other medical devices to enable customized filtering and to deliver alert message notifications to mobile caregivers. These alert notification messages are intended as a secondary notification system to inform caregivers of patient events captured by these monitoring systems.


Filtering alarms helps minimize work interruptions

Unite Connect for Clinical Systems contributes to a reduction in alarm fatigue and work interruptions by reducing the number of alert messages received by caregivers.  Advanced alarm filtering helps minimize non-actionable alerts which can cause workflow bottlenecks.

Fast facts
  • Integrates with leading patient medical devices, serving as secondary alert notification
  • Supports patient monitors, infusion pumps, ventilatos and other medical devices
  • Sends interactive, alarm notification messages to wireless devices
  • Enables advanced alert message filtering
  • Delivers waveform image for patient monitors (dependent on specific vendor integration)
  • Customizable alert notification based on specific unit or ward (e.g. pediatric, ICU)
  • Reduces the risk of missing critical patient alerts
  • Helps reduce alarm fatigue by decreasing the number of patient alert messages received by caregivers
  • Improves response time to critical patient events
  • Contributes to workflow effectiveness by avoiding unnecessary work interruptions


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