Ascom Unite Collaborate

Ascom Unite Collaborate

Ascom Unite Collaborate

Enable patient-centric communication for care teams

Healthcare is a team sport requiring multiple, skilled resources to effectively administer patient care. Many tasks caregivers perform are particularly time sensitive. This specialized care team environment necessitates highly interactive and timely communications. Unite Collaborate helps ensure continuity between caregivers by enabling patient-centric communication among care team members.


The Unite Collaborate mobile app helps minimize these communication deficiencies by providing a platform to effectively bind the care team together. Unite Collaborate enables care team members to remain connected - delivering secure text messaging, displaying care team assignments, and enabling mobile access to patient health information.



Enabling a collaborative care approach

Clinical communication is a fundamental component of modern healthcare. Poor communication can negatively impact caregiver efficiency and put patients at risk. Facilitating a coordinated system of caregiver communication enables caregivers to be better connected and helps speed up the communication process. The clinical information exchange from colleagues is a vital component of the modern care environment.

Fast facts
  • View patient assignments for entire care team
  • Create messages and view all message history for specific patients
  • Access patient health information from EHR system at the point-of-care
  • Integrates seamlessly with Ascom Unite product portfolio and Ascom Myco smart device
  • Keeps care team better coordinated in delivering care
  • Speeds up communication by offering customizable, pre-defined messages and supports communication both inside and outside the hospital
  • Closes information gaps by enabling mobile access to patient health data, patient list and staff directory
  • Provides detailed, patient-centric conversation history between care team


Unite Collaborate