Ascom Unite Analyze

Ascom Unite Analyze

Ascom Unite Analyze

Better information transforms workflow and patient care

Ascom Unite Analyze delivers the critical data necessary to empower the decision-making process. It captures critical reporting information to help you track key performance indicators related to your staff and patient interactions.

Ascom Unite Analyze provides two distinct options for reporting: run predefined reports and offers the flexibility to export activity log data to SQL database for storage and reuse with a standards-based reporting package. Choose from a large array of data points for customizing your reports to provide the information you need most.


Reporting enables better decision-making and planning

How do you make sense of the overwhelming task of understanding and managing your clinical teams response to patient calls across multiple units in your hospital?

Fast facts
  • Captures critical reporting information to help track key performance indicators
  • Enables managers to make better informed staffing decisions
  • Helps pinpoint workflow bottlenecks and areas for improvement
  • Helps identify trends that affect the quality of patient care
  • View, monitor and trend critical activities to better manage patients needs and minimize risk
  • React to vital workflow data enabling faster decision making and enhanced patient care
  • Better understand busiest and slowest time periods to more efficiently staff teams
  • Easily access predefined reports with minimal steps
  • Export activity logging information to a SQL database for future referencing


Unite Analyze