Ascom Unite Alarm Agent

Ascom Unite Alarm Agent

Ascom Unite Alarm Agent

When every second counts in dispatching medical response teams

Ascom Unite Alarm Agent is a software application providing a unified approach for managing medical response team communication and dispatching. When a hospital requires a rapid response to deal with an emergency, there is no time to waste — every second counts.


Response team management made quick, flexible and reliable

The Ascom Unite Alarm Agent solution is built with advanced functionality including automated alert messaging, response tracking and pre-defined escalation chains. When an emergency occurs Unite Alarm Agent sends out alert messages to the relevant response team members, quickly mobilizing resources.

Fast facts
  • Intuitive interface for managing events centrally
  • Built-in team shortcut to speed up dispatching
  • Acceptance tracking including status display of all responses
  • Auto-escalation based on team member response or message time-out
  • Event Logging for future reference and auditing
  • Reduces risk of error in assembling teams
  • Directs resources to when and where needed efficiently
  • Help minimize adverse events by deploying resources more quickly
  • Free-up resources previously allocated to manual alerting routines
  • Provides reporting for auditing and performance review


Unite Alarm Agent Product Sheet
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