Ascom teleCARE M

Ascom teleCARE M

Ascom teleCARE M

Ascom teleCARE M is a network based communication system for hospitals and other health care institutions such as nursing homes and elderly care facilities. It is modular and scaleable and built on a free topology local area network. This makes teleCARE M extremely flexible, easy to plan, simple to install and future safe.
teleCARE M can be interfaced with interactive messaging or paging systems. Furthermore, combining teleCARE M with the Ascom 9d DECT, or standard telephones with PBX, enables speech between nurse and patient. The patient communicates using teleCARE M speech peripherals, such as the speech and entertainment handset.


TeleCARE M – System description

teleCARE M is built on a local operating network (LON) consisting of an
unshielded twisted wire pair which links the nodes in the system. The interface
between the teleCARE M LON and a node is a Free Topology Transceiver (FTT).

Product list:

  • Intelligent Address Module (IAM)
  • Speech Piggy Back (SPB)
  • Speech Bus Manager (SBM)
  • Telephone Line Module (TLM)
  • LON Bus Repeater (LBR)
  • Internetworking System Controller (ISC)
  • Nurse Station Server (NSS)
  • Remote Audio Module (RAM)
  • Central Audio Multiplexer (CAM)
  • Voice Announcement Module (VAM)
  • Peripheral Switch Modules: BedSide, DoorSide, Toilet PullCord, Toilet cancel, Nurse Station Display, Speech modules and more.

See document “System Description for teleCARE M and teleCARE WP” for complete information of peripherals and system description.


Data Sheet For VAM
Data Sheet For CAM
Data Sheet For RAM
Data Sheet For NSS3
Data Sheet For NSS2
Data Sheet For ISC3