Mobile Devices Old

Mobile Devices Old

Ascom Dect/VoWiFi System

The Ascom System supports the DECT standard and is GAP compliant, adding VoWiFi to offers more options for your bussines. The DECT/WiFi technology
gives a full integration of messaging and voice functions. The DECT-WiFi system can be
integrated with System 900, as well as external applications such as different alarm
systems, networks and e-mail. This gives features such as; messages to handset, alarm from
handset, message acknowledgement, absent handling, and conference call.


Mobile Devices Old – System description

The Ascom system and mobile devices provides mobility to improve your business. As always, our products were oriented to the health system, industry and office, offering the best solutions for mission critical communications. This system was based on DECT / GAP communication and it was designed to be combined with the communications that may exist on your site, for voice and messaging. Later, WiFi terminals were added as a new wireless/cordless solution to offer more versatility.

Product list:

  • IP-DECT Base Station (IPBS)
  • OfficeM Cordless Telephone
  • OfficeT Cordless Telephone
  • DT290 Cordless Telephone
  • 9d23 Talker
  • 9d24 Messenger
  • Ascom d41 DECT Handset, Basic
  • Ascom d62 DECT Handset
  • Ascom i75 VoWiFi Handset
  • Ascom i62 VoWiFi Handset
  • Desktop and rack chargers


Data Sheet For d62
Data Sheet For d41
Data Sheet For 9d24
Data Sheet For 9d23
Data Sheet for DT290
Data Sheet For Office T