Accesories Paging

Accesories Paging

Ascom paging and telePROTECT Accessories — Outfits at hand

The accessories for the Ascom paging and telePROTECT handsets will make every day at work even easier.

With the swivel clip your device is securely fastened, but is also easy to loosen.

The leather cases protect the handsets while the security string keeps the carrier safe.


Carrying alternatives
Carrying the Ascom paging and telePROTECT handsets is easily done with the standard hinge-type clip or the convenient swivel-type clip mounted on your belt. You can also order a customized leather case with the swivel clip. Even though the Ascom handsets are robust the case will protect your device from dust and rough handling even more. Available for extra security is an 80 cm long security string to be attached to the hinge-type clip.

Charging options
You can choose between a single charger (a51 and a/p71) and a wall-mounted charging rack. The latter will load your handsets with power all at the same place. The inductive battery (IBP1B) for Ascom 914D/T is needed for the unit to be charged. You can also use standard AAA- batteries, if charging is not necessary.

Safety supplement
Using the pull cord, an alarm will automatically go off if the handset is forcefully taken from you. If you lose your pull cord string, you can order additional ones from Ascom.


Ascom Paging and telePROTECT accessories sheet