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Unite is Ascom’s vital communication platform that links systems with sophisticated, Mission-Critical working processes. It is also the only solution currently available that can deliver Intelligent Integration, Advanced Alarm & Messaging and System Management in one unique, powerful package.

Unite is flexible enough to support generic and specific, customer-defined applications. Delivers a wide range of user and administrator benefits including advanced alarm and messaging functionality and System Management. Supports and optimizes mission-critical processes. Allows the mobile workforce to remain connected at all times and be in receipt of the vital information they need to carry out tasks more efficiently. Allows you to break out from the boundaries of communication systems to interface with clinical, business, accounting, building management and security systems.

In summary:

  • Effectively links systems with sophisticated work processes and tasks.
  • IP-based open architecture allows for high scalability potential.
  • Notifies the user via a wide array of mobile and fixed display devices including signboards, pagers, in-building VoWiFi or IP-DECT handsets, smartphones and tablets.
  • Adds value to your operations through optimizing quality of messaging, resulting in increased staff efficiency.
  • In the hospital environment, Unite can contribute to a more comfortable, less traumatic patient experience.

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