The concept ” Indepent living” is a philosophy, a way of looking at disability and social relationship , is a global movement that promotes working for dignity , self-determination and equality of this group of people . It focuses on institutional care , intensive night- protected homes , independent apartments.

Trends are clear:

  • Constant demographic aging . Furthermore, people get older later.
  • There is an increase of care needs.
  • Each person is different and has specific demands.
  • With the lack of caregivers , technology is the solution.
  • Number of chronic diseases will increase considerably.
  • Different needs will be put together (safety , care , comfort , services, etc. ) .
  • Development of new models of care , health costs should be decreased.

Voicelan Home Gateway it is presented as high-tech unit for the complete home. It has a large and intuitive graphical interface with all the necessary elements to be the technological heart of the home , providing security solutions and services for each individual user.

  • Telecare functionality.
  • Color touch screen .
  • External connections for all systems.
  • Solution supports IP digital video.
  • Telemedicine Support .
  • Numerous automation control mechanisms .
  • Controlled by a central software
  • Open to future developments with great potential.

The Home Gateway is the technological heart of the house

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