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Privacy is of great concern to most users of the Internet, and is a critical part of an enjoyable and satisfactory user experience. Voicel Lan Telecom S.L. (voicelan) is acutely aware of, and sensitive to the privacy concerns of our subscribers and other visitors to our Website. Whether you are a customer of our various products and services, or a visitor to our site, we assure you that we do not collect personal information from you unless you provide it to us.

Information We Gather from You

Personal Information. Voicel Lan Telecom S.L. does not collect any personal information from a visitor to our site unless that visitor explicitly and intentionally provides it.

There are three ways in which you may explicitly and intentionally provide us with and consent to our collection of certain personal information:

1. Email Request for Information or Registrations – We use links throughout our site to provide you with the opportunity to contact us via email to ask questions, request information and materials, register or sign up for commercial information or provide comments and suggestions. To do so, we may request additional personal information from you, such as your name and telephone number, to help us satisfy your request.
2. Enrollment - If you choose to enroll for one of our products or services, we will request certain information from you. Depending on the type of product or service that you request, you may be asked to provide different personal information. For certain products and services, we may require your name, address, telephone number, email address, credit card number, bank account information, IP address, and/or identity number. Other products and services may require different or supplemental information from you in order to apply. For a detailed listing of the type of personal information requested for our various products, please refer to the enrollment page for the particular product or service.
3. Referrals – If you choose to use our referral services or promotions to tell others about our site, we will ask you for your friend’s contact details. We will send your referral a one-time email to tell your friend about the site. Voicel Lan Telecom S.L. stores this information for the sole purpose of tracking the success of our referral programs. Your friend may contact us to request that we remove this information from our database. Contact email: voicelan@voicelan.es

Under no circumstances do we collect any personal data revealing racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade union membership, health, or sex life.


Our site uses cookies, small data files that are generated in the user’s computer to the server to remember certain information that can be used. This information can identify you as an individual user and save your personal preferences, as well as technical information, like visits or specific pages you visit.

Users who do not wish to receive cookies or wish to be informed before they are stored on your computer, you can set your browser to that effect. However, Voice Lan Telecom S.L. is not responsible for the deactivation of these would prevent the proper functioning of the page.